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Welcome to Raptor Digital

Hello, we are a web and graphic design services company based just outside of Glasgow. We spend most of our time coming up with quirky branding ideas for both digital and print-based design projects.

Top-notch designs and knock-out visuals are who we are, but we're more interested in who you are. Are you looking for design and marketing services to intelligently represent your brand?

If so, you've come to the right place.

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rap·tor  (răp′tər)


[Latin, one who seizes, to seize.]


Formed in 2013 through the seizing of an opportunity, the above definition encapsulates the essence of Raptor Digital (we also thought the dinosaurs of the same name in Jurassic Park were pretty cool, too).

Our goal is simple: create work that we are proud of and that our clients will be proud of. Our passion is not limited to design – creativity is nothing without subject matter – so to that end we are passionate about your business and your goals.


Each and every project we take on is as important as the last. You may be a small start-up enterprise who wants to see a project you have your future invested in come to life, or a more established operation with plans on a larger scale.

Either way, Raptor Digital possess the attention-to-detail expected of a small agency while also being capable of bringing major branding campaigns to fruition.

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Graphic Design

Great graphics can make a brand or product stand out against its competitors. Whether it's logos, business cards and direct mail or other design needs like infographic illustrations and web banners, we can help.

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Raptor Digital has had the pleasure of working with really interesting people on a range of diverse projects. Below are a few of the most recent things we’ve been a part of.

  • Straps of Gourock logo in Raptor Digital colours
  • Safe Harbour logo


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